The Shingo Institute Welcomes Michiki Morgan Worldwide as a New Provider of Shingo Workshops

Summary: Shingo Licensed Affiliates are private companies who contract with the Shingo Institute to teach Shingo Workshops to groups and individuals. Michiki Morgan Worldwide has just contracted to become the newest Shingo Licensed Affiliate.

Logan, Utah— The Shingo Institute, a program of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, has partnered with Michiki Morgan Worldwide (MMWW) to become one of the Institute’s newest Shingo Licensed Affiliates and the first equipped to provide services in Japan. This partnership means that MMWW will teach the Shingo workshops to groups and individuals interested in improving the culture of their organization to improve efficiency, working conditions, and value.

“We are very excited to have Michiki Morgan Worldwide as a new affiliate partner,” Ken Snyder, executive director of the Shingo Institute, said. “They are an exceptional company devoted to principles of operational excellence and, together, we hope to help many other companies on their continuous improvement journeys.”

About Michiki Morgan Worldwide

With centers in Atlanta and Tokyo, MMWW boasts a network of world-class experts, consultants, and coaches across the globe to serve clients. It will offer workshops in Japan and the US but can also serve client needs in all regions. MMWW is devoted to serving organizations with a need to improve the performance of their Japanese and Asia-based operations. It does so by helping develop strong global leaders that can lead operational excellence in today’s fast-paced and complex world.

The secret to MMWW’s success is creating a cohesive culture in multinational organizations that respects each individual beyond cultural differences. This, in turn, helps clients improve quality, performance, and profitability. MMWW has extensive experience in its field, helping US-based companies run operations in Japan, including joint ventures as well as acquired or integrated entities. It also offers support for clients who do not have a strong leadership pipeline in place, threatening international operations and a company’s future, sustainable growth.

About the Shingo Institute

The Shingo Institute administers the Shingo Prize, an award that recognizes organizations that demonstrate an exceptional culture that fosters continuous improvement. A program of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, the Shingo Institute is named after Japanese industrial engineer and Toyota adviser, Shigeo Shingo. Dr. Shingo distinguished himself as one of the world’s thought leaders in the concepts, systems, and improvement techniques that have become known as the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Drawing from Dr. Shingo’s teachings and years of experience working with organizations worldwide, the Shingo Institute developed the Shingo Model™,which is the basis for its educational offerings, including workshops, study tours, and conferences. Workshops are available in multiple languages through the Institute’s Licensed Affiliates, including e Results. For more information on workshops, affiliates, or to register to attend the Shingo Conference, please visit

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