Month: August 2018

A Look at “Seek Perfection”

by Ken Snyder “Seek Perfection” is a principle in the Continuous Improvement dimension of the Shingo Model. It is the principle that best describes that dimension because it embodies the purpose of the dimension, while the other principles in the dimension describe how to improve. This is the principle that best gets to the heart…
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The Shingo Institute Welcomes 4 Results as a New Provider of Shingo Workshops

                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:   Dr. Dominic Bria Shingo Institute Phone: +1.435.797.0771 Email:   Summary: Shingo Licensed Affiliates are private companies who contract with the Shingo Institute to teach Shingo Workshops to groups and individuals. 4 Results in Poland has just…
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“Build a Learning Organization” – A New Principle in Cultural Enablers

by Ken Snyder      Before moving on to the principles in the Continuous Improvement dimension, I want to introduce a new principle that has been proposed for the Cultural Enablers dimension. For purposes of this blog, I have named this principle “Build a Learning Organization.”